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OrgChart Viewer brings you more than just an organizational diagram. It’s interactive UI allows you to quickly reach employee/colleague contact information, find out the authority and responsibility distribution or clarify hiring necessities. It also helps you assign work tasks accordingly to employee’s competence scope, or even prevent work duplication

Intuitive touch controls, along with the interactive infographics merge into a powerful educational tool, and a guarantee of a coherent and graphic educational technique. Not to forget the convenience of data post-processing in your SAP in comparison to paper-based tests

SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori Applications Our SAP Fiori OrgChartViewer is much more than just an organizational diagram. Its interactive Fiori fresh user interface dedicates it to become state of the art landing page for all your employee oriented processes.

Key features of OrgChart Viewer
  • graphic overview of company’s organizational structure
  • life HR system data
  • contact info
  • fresh SAP Fiori interface


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Latest News

Primoris Systems creates Infrastructure solutions group with ARTEC IT Solutions AG to provide Artec’s protective Appliance. The Artec Appliance offers secure, legally compliant, and economical search, restore, and storage of relevant information in organizations, including e-mail messages, printed and scanned documents, files, or voice and phone conversations --- Artec-SAP is SAP Certified using SAP Standard code so that all ERP systems and Corporate data can reside on one Appliance On-Premise or in the Cloud.
Primoris Systems announces OrgChart Viewer. Using a SAPUI5 Fiori design with SAP Standard code OrgChart delivers an Organizational diagram with an interactive User Interface (UI). OrgChart enables authorized Associates to quickly reach Associates and Colleagues important contact information. Teams can be created and managed within OrgChart Viewer using Task Management that works to a competency level.
Primoris Systems announces key partnership with Cyber Forza, Inc. to provide their Cyber Intelligent Security Software (CISS) to Enterprise companies. Cyber Forza uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect against external attacks, defend internal technology Assets and protect PCs and devices. Cyber Forza is installed in large global Commercial and Department of Defense Prime Contractors.