mAsset ERP

mAsset ERP enables you to effectively plan, organize and revise your fixed management activities and thus minimalizes the costs of this routine activity which is at the same time an essential part of the company administrative processes. The preparation and processing of the inventory check result in mAsset is being solved with the help of the SAP Document Management System (DMS) module. SAP standard tools and functionalities can be used to support the preparation and processing of the Inventory check result thanks to the unique solution of an electronic asset list with specially designed document info records (for example a connection with different authorization groups, status management, workflow, etc.).

mAsset Mobile

Mobile application, by using just the standard functions of today’s smart phones, to help you with the time consuming part of the physical asset check. It is, of course, fully integrated with mAsset ERP; this means the download of the asset list and a continuous synchronization with the SAP system. The camera of the phone or tablet could used as a bar code or QR scanner and support of devices equipped with HW barcode / QR code scanners is essential. The application mAsset Mobile offers much more than just an easy and effective fixed asset check. You can, for example, create photo documentation or start using GPS coordinates (for property and inventory). All of this additional data is being continuously recorded in SAP together with other results of the physical asset check.


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