SAP For Customer Relationship Management

Sales, marketing, and customer service all gather data on their respective clientele. The needs for a CRM system vary depending on the department. Thus, the departments frequently employ various tools. All client data are available in consolidated form with an integrated CRM system that satisfies Sales, Marketing, and Service needs.

Utilising SAP for customer relationship management

CRM for Sales

All sales-related data is collected by SAP CRM and is available at any moment with the press of a mouse. You may provide individualised customer support and anticipate and manage your pipeline with the perspective of current marketing campaigns, order status, and any complaints. All parties involved have access to centrally located important consumer knowledge.


Processes for Supporting Sales

  • Possibility management
  • Strategy for sales and managing territories
  • Management of quotations and orders
  • Procedures in sales
  • Information about reporting and analysing competition, etc.

CRM for Marketing

The foundation of targeted campaigns is the segmentation of your clients into pertinent target groups. By providing clients with the specific goods and services they require, you can personalise your discussions with them. The effectiveness of your resource utilisation will be enhanced by the direct flow of customer responses to your campaigns into Sales and other marketing initiatives. SAP CRM aids in managing and organising a campaign’s execution. As a consequence, it is possible to maximise campaign outcomes and lessen coverage waste brought on by broad-based selective marketing. The distribution of duties and resources in marketing can also be improved.


Processes Supported by Marketing

  • Target Group Formation and Segmentation
  • Planning and Managing A Campaign
  • Implementation of A Campaign
  • Management of Leads, Opportunities, Etc.

Service-oriented CRM

Excellent customer service unquestionably increases client loyalty, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Long-term success is ensured by the capacity to recognise client problems early and develop an acceptable solution. Optimising worker productivity and service operations is required to achieve this, and SAP CRM provides significant help in this regard.

Combining customer and object technical data makes it easier to coordinate service calls and gives you the tools for proactive planning and forecasting, which are backed by predetermined service processes.


Supported Service Methodologies

  • Service Inquiries
  • Finding Solutions
  • Resource Allocation
  • Management of Email

Cloud or on-premise?

Customer relationship management systems from SAP, whether SAP CRM or SAP Cloud for Customers, keep all information in one system and enhance collaboration between Sales and other departments.

On-premise SAP CRM

Whether compact or comprehensive, the on-premise solution meets your needs and provides you with the security of a fixed system. Your ERP system's tight connection helps your business operations and unifies all customer data from the sales, marketing, and service divisions.


There are now mobile applications accessible for on-premises solutions thanks to the SAP Fiori apps. Fiori apps are incredibly user-friendly and simple to use due to their straightforward layout and streamlined process phases. Numerous procedures may be supported by SAP Fiori applications, which are currently included with SAP CRM.

SAP Cloud for Customers

The platform-independent solution combines your sales, marketing, and service activities and is tightly linked with your ERP system. No matter where you are, you always have access to the most recent information.

Your Advantages in Competition

Increased sales 

Improved productivity

Decreased customer acquisition expenses

Data protection

Updated and improved consumer data

Why Choose Us to Implement SAP CRM?

Each business has different needs and follows its own unique sales, marketing, and service operations. As a result, we think it is improper for your business to change its operations to fit a standard software platform without first seeking our advice.

Our installation process attempts to use SAP CRM to fulfil your specific objectives. We first collaborate with you to assess your needs before developing a solution that is specifically suited to them.

SAP CRM System Benefits


  • To increase customer loyalty, provide personalised service that gives the consumer access to all relevant information across all departments
  • With the press of a button, planning and forecasting values, target/actual comparisons may be made
  • Possibility of implementing in stages to provide value more quickly
  • Investing is safe because SAP dominates the worldwide CRM industry

Service/Sales Managers

  • Customer in “360° view”
  • process improvement in collaboration with other employees and departments
  • Training time and costs are reduced by the intuitive interface.
  • fully integrating with other SAP systems as well as non-SAP systems

Field and office staff

  • Customer in “360° view”
  • process improvement in collaboration with other employees and departments
  • Training time and costs are reduced by the intuitive interface.
  • fully integrating with other SAP systems as well as non-SAP systems

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