Risk Management & Security Consulting

Primoris team supports Global companies managing data Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements. We use an adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine Security that uses a ‘stateful’ Firewall vs legacy system which are stateless.

Streamlining GRC Compliance through Data Governance and Analysis

Primoris's team specializes in supporting global companies with data Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements
Many companies have multiple databases and master data tables, leading to complexity in meeting internal and external GRC reporting
The team works at the metadata level to analyze and provide gap analysis for ERP instances, BI, Data Warehouse, CRM, Portal, and Social Media needs across different database environments
By utilizing data building blocks, they identify gaps in meeting GRC requirements and highlight anomalies in data element construction
The team ensures the security of databases and adheres to regulatory compliance for database auditing

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Security Focus

Primoris specializes in addressing security concerns across three phases: External, Internal, and Client/IOT device level. This covers a wide range of security requirements, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISM, and Sox data Audit.

Adaptive AI Engine

Primoris utilizes an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for security purposes. Unlike legacy systems, their stateful Firewall analyzes network connections and tracks their operating state and characteristics, enhancing security measures.

End-to-End Enterprise Approach

Primoris offers an all-encompassing enterprise approach to security. This includes the capability to consolidate multiple application areas such as Identity Access Management (IAM), Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into a single, unified platform.

Our Services & Products can mitigate risk and provide security in these areas :

Defender – External Threats Protection

  • Span Filtering Antivirus (Alerts)
  • Threat Management (Reporting, Monitoring)
  • IDS/IPS Ransomware and Malware Detections

Client End-Point / IOT Device Security Protection

  • Scanning
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection 

Interceptor – Internal Threats Protection

  • IP Theft Protection
  • Data Loss, Data Integrity, & Data Forensics
  • Servers, Physical Assets Monitoring , Alerting and Notifying

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